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Reader x Germany x Prussia

“So who will it be this time, Bruder?” The blonde German took a sip from his drink and looked around the vast ballroom.

“Oh, you know exactly who I’m aiming for, Ludwig!” The albino grinned devilishly and twirled the drink in his hand. Ludwig sighed and questioningly looked at his brother.

“You haven’t given up yet? Gilbert, you’ve been chasing after her for three weeks now! Can’t you see she’s not interested?” Gilbert pursed his lips and glared at his brother.

“I already told you! I will not leave her alone until I get what I want! This is the first time someone has ever resisted me for so long.  My usual methods and natural charm should have worked by now! I just don’t get it! Aren’t all women interested in the same things? Everything I’ve done so far to woe others hasn’t worked on her.” Gilbert let out a heavy sigh and rubbed his temple in annoyance. Ludwig was about to ridicule his brother when his attention was drawn to the entrance of the hall. The familiar figure had caught his eye and he smirked.

“Well, Bruder, your object of affection seems to have heard your prayers.” The blond nudged his brother and the albino looked to the huge doors. He could practically hear his blood rushing through his veins and that self-confident smile returned to brighten up his face. He grabbed another drink from the table and a strutted towards his prey. Ludwig watched him with a mocking expression and quietly giggled to himself.

“Back for more, I see!” The H/C haired woman sneered at Gilbert as she looked deep into his crimson eyes, as if she had already planned their interaction. For a moment he felt like a puppet, and she was the one leading the strings. He hated that feeling! Gilbert had always thought of himself as an alpha male, and diffidence had been something unfamiliar to him until SHE came along. Gilbert had thoroughly reanalysed their last few encounters and had come to a decision…for the first time in his life, the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt, was going to be honest with a woman and confess. Maybe later he would shamelessly leave her when the roles are reversed. Maybe then he would see that feminine side of her that would be begging him to come back and take responsibility for his savageness. Oh, how he longed to see her in tears and begging.

“Liebling, I need to see you outside for a moment!” He lowered his voice, gently took her small hand in his and never once broke eye contact. His eyes were radiating affection…true honest affection. The sly grin was long gone and was replaced by a genuine smile. There was something different about her now that he was acting earnest…that look on her beautiful face was something she hadn’t shown him before. His heart skipped a beat and he led her to the balcony. A bit of his savageness had melted away and the touch of her skin to his felt electric.

The breeze felt warm and Gilbert cursed. He was already feeling hot even before they went out, and he counted on that stupid breeze to cool him down a little. No such luck! They stopped walking and he thought for a second whether to let go of her hand or not. He decided to put some distance between them and make her want HIM for a change. The action didn’t go without being noticed by the lady and it seemed to him that she was displeased by the sudden distance between them. She acted composed and smiled once more.

“How may I be of assistance?” She mocked again and put her hand on the balustrade. Gilbert tensed up a bit. There she goes again. His inner desire to put her in her place came back as quickly as it had disappeared. Oh, how he wanted to see her curl up and squirm.

“I have a confession to make.” His smile disappeared again and his gaze burned her soul. The sudden change of atmosphere didn’t go unnoticed. He had her undivided attention.

“First, I want to apologize for my previous manifestations of interest towards you. It was childish of me to treat you the same as I would treat ordinary women.” At that moment he appeared not as the lust-eyed fox she thought him to be, but as a snow-haired darling who had contemplated his actions and was trying to mend his behaviour towards the woman whom he had deep affection for. All she needed were a few earnest words and her whole idea of him shifted towards the heavens. After all, would he have really chased after her for so long if he had no intention of being with her in the first place? And…as if he had heard her question, she felt the back of his fingers trace along her jawline.

The young woman was charmed beyond repair and Gilbert decided to take advantage of her weakened state.

A few more gracious words and she would fall like all the rest. He had to admit, she had been a tough nut to crack. Three weeks was the longest time he had chased after a woman. The only thing left was to see if all the effort was worth it.

With a gentle brush of her lips with his thumb, her eyes were at a close. He leaned in closer. Their breaths touched and, as he was about to deliver the final blow, he felt a hand clutch his shoulder.

Gilbert’s eyes widened, he clenched his teeth, and turned around to growl at the poor soul who had dared to interrupt his finishing touch. His expression was of an animal which had just missed its prey.

“Ah, Bruder, here you are! I thought I had lost you in the crowd.” Ludwig’s deep laughter filled their ears and Gilbert shoved his brother’s hand away, managing to make a point that he was angry.

Ludwig glanced at the panting woman and smiled. Her eyes were glimmering and she dared not look at him. Just like a guilty child trying to hide her wrongdoing.

“The lady seems a bit feverish! I am surprised you would allow her to catch a cold. Aren’t you a gentleman?” He laughed again, leering at the Albino’s red face.

“And I can’t believe you would be so insolent as to interrupt other people’s conversations! Have you no class?”

“Conversation? More like a monologue! It looked as if your primitiveness was the only action molesting the communion. I hardly came here to end this joke.”

Both of them were becoming excitingly aggressive. The poor girl had no strength to interrupt. She knew who Ludwig was. In truth, she knew a lot about the brothers and had been messing around with them for quite some time. They were interesting but not at all mysterious. Their patterns of courtship were easy to grasp. The Albino was the more active of the two and relied more on looks than anything emotional. She knew full well that, even despite the honest look on his face when he confessed, he had no intention of attaching himself fully. She knew that, so why did she allow to be swept away?

The bickering soon seized and both of them looked her way. Her previously flamed cheeks were back to their normal hue and she was staring at ground. They looked at each other in question and then Gilbert dared to speak.

“Liebling, I must apologize on behalf of mein Bruder!” Ludwig tsked and made his way to the lady. He placed one strong hand on her slim waist and directed her chin upwards with his other hand. She stared at his well-formed facial features and felt her heartbeat speed up. He was more gentle than Gilbert. They were so different, yet so similar.

Gilbert grabbed his brother’s wrist, holding the girl’s chin, and shoved it away. The girl felt another argument was about to arise, so she decided to take the chance and leave while she still had the strength to do so. She knew that even if she were to choose one of them, things would end the same way eventually. They were hunters. She had done her homework, and knew better than to let herself be ravished like all the rest.

She took the chance and started running. The brothers’ argument was broken and they both called her name. If she were to stop now, and surrender herself to those predators, she would never be able to escape the inevitable outcome and forgive herself.

This wasn’t the end, however. She knew they would be back for more.
A young woman has been Gilbert's object of affection for a long time now. He has been chasing after her for weeks. 
Oh, but what's this? Is she finally giving in?
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