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That's The Last Time…
Chapter 3 – Finally

- Hey, Bruce! Can I… talk to you about something?
- What is it?
- Well, it's about Barbara.
- What about her? Do you like her or something?
- What? NO!!! I already have a girlfriend, remember?!... Anyway, I was just going to tell you that she's been asking a lot of questions lately and I think the old "Bruce is calling me." thing is getting a little annoying. I'm starting to feel that she doesn't trust me anymore…Do you think I should tell her what I've been up to?
- Absolutely not! Just because she's your best friend doesn't mean you must tell her everything! And besides, if you do tell her she would probably never stop asking you questions. You understand that this is an extremely serious job, don't you? And it's important that you keep your identity a secret, even from your closest friends. It's all for her safety, Dick, and for everyone else's, too.
- Yes, I understand that saving the world is a huge responsibility, but just think about it for a moment. What if when I tell Barbara about it, she decides to join? You said that if more people join, the better it will be for the world! I think she will be a great addition to our team. She's the daughter of the Police Commissioner James Gordon, and furthermore, she takes numerous self-defense classes in judo and karate and she has brown belts. She's a very skilled martial artist and she's an outstanding acrobat. Barbara also has a genius-level intellect and naturally possesses a photographic memory. She's one of the most intelligent people in Gotham. She has some technological skills, too. At the moment she's studying computers and electronics. Barb said that she'd love to learn how to hack into computers, but it's too bad that they don't teach stuff like that at school. She also wants to learn library sciences when she goes to college.
- I don't know what to say. After what you've told me about her, I'm starting to think she would be perfect for this kind of job. Maybe if she accepts your offer, she could come train with me under the name of Batgirl. And not only will I teach her computer hacking, I'll also give her a costume, various bat-inspired weaponry and your favourite – a Batcycle. I'll teach Barbara how to control satellites and different machinery. I'll make her capable of retrieving and dispersing information from private computers, military installations, government files and different technologies. What do you say, Dick?
- If you could do all of these things, why the HELL haven't you taught ME???
- I have. You can already hack systems and you're a computer genius. Not only can you control private satellites, but you can also make systems of your own. Besides, I didn't hear you mentioning that Barbara could create gadgets and disable highly sensitive security and defense systems with her own two hands. You are much more skillful in the field of technology than she is, so don't underestimate your abilities.
- So, is that a yes?
- For what?
- For Barbs joining the Young Justice League of America!!!???
- Sure, why not.
- By the way, sirs, we have arrived at young master Richard's high school. We have been here for over two minutes, now. – said Alfred with his calm voice.
- Oh, crap, I'm going to be late! Later Bats, bye Alf!
- Don't forget your lunch, master Richard!
- Oh yeah, thanks.

Dick ran to the school as fast as he can, thinking of how he was going to tell Barbara the good news.

At lunch time Dick went to the spot where he and Barbara usually sat and was happy to find her there waiting for him impatiently, sitting on the bench with her arms crossed, and one leg tapping on the ground in a pissed manner. When she saw him coming she quickly stood up and placed her arms on her hips, still tapping on the ground, but this time with the other leg.

- Barbs! – Dick rushed to her and hugged her tightly. She blushed a little and hugged him back, the angry leg now steadily stuck to the ground and her arms now wrapped around his neck. Richard was a little shorter than Barbara but she liked it that way.
- So, ah…Dick…what did you want to talk about? – She asked stepping away from him and looking anywhere but at him.
- I've decided that it's time I told you everything.
- Everything?
- And I have a proposal for you.
- A p-proposal? – Barbara's face became red and she stepped back a little.
- I think you should sit down, you don't look so good, and what I'm about to tell you might be slightly shocking. – They sat down and Dick told her everything he and Bruce talked about early this morning in the car, about the League and him being Robin and being taught by Batman himself.

Babs was staring at her friend with her mouth open, not even blinking. Her facial expression was priceless, Dick thought and looked away from her and placed a hand at the back of his neck, rubbing it in a fidgety way.

- So… - He asked, still looking away.
- I … I  don't, know…
- What do you mean you don't know?
- Batman…THE Batman…wants to teach ME. – She finally started blinking and the corners of her mouth formed a giant grin.
- Ooookkkkeeyy….that's awkward! – Noted Dick and looked at her with a raised eyebrow not knowing what to say.

Barbara shrieked in approval and hugged her bestie, giving him a smothery squeeze. After some minutes of joy, and Barbara asking Richard if what he just told her was actually true, a couple of times, she officially accepted the offer and after school they went to Bruce's house to prepare Babs for her adventurous future.

She was extremely happy because she knew everything about Dick's life, not only him being Robin and all, but also his secret identity. And now, only she and Bruce knew him completely.

The thing Barbara was most happy about was that she was going to be close to him every single day from now on and those thoughts made her wanna jump around and scream like a fangirl. It's true that she was very fond of Dick from the start, and it was her curiosity that made her his best friend. If it wasn't for that bad virtue, she would have never been able to get this far in "his" life.

Babs knew that she had a better chance of getting with him now that she became Batgirl. But what she didn't know was that she was in for a surprise, a surprise she wasn't going to like, at all.
Part 3 - hope you enjoy :)
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