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That's The Last Time…
Chapter 1 - Feelings

Babs shut the door to her room loudly, throwing herself on her bed. She was really mad at Dick and she didn't know why! A strange feeling overcame her…but she couldn't understand what it was. Could it be that she was … "NO!" she screamed, "It can't be!". She lifted herself up to sit on the bed and stared straight at the wall, not even blinking. She just sat there for about a minute before saying "Could I really be…" she couldn't even get herself to say it… "Jealous?!" she said to herself quietly still staring motionless at the wall before her.

Yes, indeed Barbara Gordon was… jealous!

In the past few months Barbara had spent with Dick, she had developed some feelings for him. They weren't only seeing each other at school, but they walked home together and sometimes even went out to get lunch or dinner. She didn't know she liked him "that" way until she saw him run to an unknown blonde girl, who had just arrived at their school. Well, unknown to her, Dick seemed to have known her from somewhere. He just ran up to her, hugged her and even took a picture, which he didn't erase afterwards. Babs got pissed and scowled at him, demanding an explanation, to which he looked at her oddly, raising an eyebrow and saying Artemis was just a friend.
"Just a friend…JUST A FRIEND?! She didn't look like JUST a friend to ME!!! ARTEMIS…what kind of a name is that, anyway? I mean, who the hell is that girl? And why is he being so secretive recently? He doesn't even walk home with me anymore, let alone have dinner with me!" she was walking back and forth around the room, throwing her hands in different directions shouting at herself.

After some minutes of cursing at mumbling she stood by her desk looking at a picture of her and Dick. "I remember when you used to take sudden pictures of us." She thought, taking the framed picture. "What were you thinking Babs? Snarling at him like that. He isn't even your boyfriend! He probably doesn't even like you that way. He never will.You're just another friend." At that thought she clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tightly, trying not to allow her tears to fall. She failed. She couldn't hold them anymore – her feelings, that is. And the hot tears took over her cheeks, dripping down on the picture. She wiped it and placed it back on her desk, going back to her bed.
I wrote this fic specially for Artkill36 - [link] - thank you for giving me this idea and sharing your opinion!

Hope you enjoy it!

Next chapter coming soon. :)
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