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That's The Last Time…
Chapter 4 – Meeting

After a month of training with Bruce, Barbara was finally ready to join the team. It only took a month because she was a fast learner and did everything Bruce told her, without questioning him. When she couldn't do something from the first time she didn't start complaining but tried again and again until she succeeded. Barbs was eager to learn and she craved to join the league, not because of the awesome adventures they had, but because she wanted to be as close as possible to Richard and fight by his side. She also wanted to surpass her father and prove that she doesn't need his protection anymore. She wasn't training only with Batman she also trained with Robin, sometimes.

Bruce had arranged a meeting for Barbara with the Young Justice Team a week after he started training her. Seeing that she was turning out to be a great student was the reason for his early announcement, but only the Justice League knew she was joining. She was extremely happy about her joining the YJ team, but her happiness was about to fade soon.

Friday afternoon at Mount Justice (a month after Batman's announcement):

Barbara was waiting for the members of the team with Batman, Robin, Black Canary and Red Tornado in the Mission Room. While Batman was doing something on the computer Robin introduced her to Canary and Tornado.

Babs was wearing her Batgirl costume but her mask was off, so that they could see her face. She was holding her hands behind her back, with her legs brought together and was rocking back and forth in a fidgety way, gripping her mask in both hands. She was looking around the room while Dick described his teammates and the cave. He was also in his costume.

Some minutes passed and finally the team of young superheroes burst in through the Zeta-Tubes, while the computer recognized them and said their aliases. One by one they entered and after seeing the unknown girl, dressed in a bat costume, they stood still in one place and just looked at her blinking repeatedly. All of them were in their hero costumes, since they had just returned from a short undercover mission. Nothing big. Seeing them enter, Barbs stood still and placed her hands before her, still holding her mask.

Batman was first to break the silence.
"Well, if we are all here, I want to introduce you to…"
Just as he was about to introduce Babs…
"Recognized. Kid Flash. B03. Recognized. Zatanna Zatara. A03."
Wally and Zatanna came in last and the moment he saw Babs, he quickly finished Batman's sentence…
He rushed to her and gave her a big hug, lifting her off the floor a little.
Shouted Artemis, punching the back of his head and then crossing her arms looking at another direction.
"OW…Don't be jealous, babe. She's just a friend."
Said Wally, placing a soft hand on her shoulder. She felt the warmth of his truthful voice and turned around to face him for a kiss. As Barbara watched them she remembered the first time she felt jealousy and those same words, which Kid said, echoed through her mind. She was ashamed for reacting like that, the last time she was jealous. After a few seconds she realized how the blond girl had called the boy.
Babs asked letting her hands fall on both her sides, the mask in her left hand.
"No way! You're Kid Flash? I can't believe it."
She gave him a big smile and he smiled back, taking his mask off.
"Yeah, and I can't believe you're one of Batman's protégés. Oh, and by the way, this is my super hot girlfriend – Artemis Crock. But you can call her Arty, for short."
Wally lifted his hands to point at Artemis and bowed a little as she took off her mask, too.
"Oh my God! You're the new girl from school, the one that Dick took a picture with, the first day you came!"
She remembered that day and blushed a little constrainedly.
"Sooo…aren't you going to introduce us to your friend, Rob?"
Said Zatanna, smiling at the redhead. Barbara looked at Zatanna, who was holding Dick's left hand with her right one and her left hand was placed on his shoulder, and he had his right one wrapped around her waist. Barbara's eyes widened at the scene before her. It seemed that while she was too busy talking to Wally, Zatanna and Dick had been kissing.
"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Guys, this is Barbara Gordon. She's one of my best friends and our new teammate."
Said Robin, taking Zatanna's left hand while pointing at Babs.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Zatanna, Rob's girlfriend. I'm so happy to meet his other best friend (besides Wally). I have heard so much about you."
Barbara's face went white. From all of the words which came out of Zee's mouth, all she heard was the word – girlfriend. It echoed through her head. She just stood in one place, emotionless, as if she had seen a ghost.

It took some time before Barbara could snap out of her state of shock. Everybody was silent, and when she finally came back to them she shook her head a little and was finally able to say…
"Oh, ahh…yeah, I'm happy to meet you, too. But unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of hearing about you. Dick NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about having a girlfriend. Wow, Dick…Why haven't you told me you had a girlfriend before. I mean…we're ALWAYS together and tell each other EVERYTHING. I can't believe you haven't told me about her before."
While Barbara was saying all of these things she was making sure that Zatanna hears every word and grinned at her a few times, trying to show dominance over Richard. How does that black haired vixen dare to touch Bab's BEST FRIEND?! Zatanna looked a little confused and when Barbs refused to take her irritated look off of Zee, she backed off a little and let go of Dick's hand, rubbing her wrist in a perplexed way, trying not to make eye contact with her rival.

Batman sensed the tension between the teenagers and broke it by saying…
"Megan, why don't you show Batgirl around Mount Justice? I think she needs a tour."
The green Martian girl smiled and grabbed Barb's hand.
"Hi, I'm Miss Martian, but you can call me Megan. This is Kaldur, Conner – my boyfriend, and Raquel (Rocket). I bet you'll love it here!"

All Barbara was thinking right now was how to kill that boyfriend stealer – Zatanna. She wanted to get rid of her somehow, she was frustrated and at same time sad and beaten. She had a whole lot of emotions going through her right now and that tour would do her good. Maybe it would take her mind off that sleazy xanthippe. She wasn't so sure if she was going to LOVE staying in this place with her crush and his girlfriend, watching them make out every day. It was going to kill her. She was afraid of doing something stupid, like bursting in anger or trying to hurt Zatanna. Just because she was mad at her didn't mean she wanted to hurt her.

As Barbara was walking with Megan, thoughts of Zatanna and Robin haunted her mind. Zatanna was so beautiful and Babs hated it. She just wanted to forget about this relationship but it was so hard, provided that she was going to spend every single day with the couple.

Babs' thoughts were interrupted by the redheaded Martian girl.
"Umm…Barb…are you…ok? You seem a little pale. Is something wrong? Is it my talking? Is it irritating?"
Megan was apologizing and waving her hands around and slapping her head saying her usual and totally cute "Hellooo Megan!" panicking around.
"No, no Megan, it's not you. It's just that….well, there has been a lot on my mind lately, becoming Batgirl and all. I'm really nervous about joining your team. That's all."
As Barbara was saying that she tried to fake a smile but looking at Miss Martian's deep amber eyes, she quickly turned away because Barbara Gordon HATED lying. But being totally good at it was a different story. The girls continued walking down the hallway.
"Sooo…Conner huh?! He's pretty cute. You're a lucky girl, Megan."
Said Barb looking at the ground not lifting her head.
"How did you two get together?"
Finally Babs got the courage to look at Megan again. Miss M explained everything because she loved talking about Superboy. She not only loved talking about him, she also loved thinking about him, writing in her diary about their moments together, especially about HIS moments, because she loved watching him do stuff and last, but not least, she loved singing about him, when she was in the shower, when he was in the shower, when she was in her room thinking about him being in the shower and so on and so on. It was not because she was obsessed, but because she loved that boy more than anything else in the whole universe. She just knew HE was the one. She would give up her own life for him if it was necessary. Her love was real and her heart was pure. She was just like a little girl, dreaming about her prince in shining armor. It was so cute, but sometimes just creepy. Well, to certain people, that is.

Despite Barbara liking Megan, Babs got goosebumps from all of Miss M's sweet talk about Superboy. She felt so alone at that time. Knowing that she was the only "available" person on the team was very disturbing and unpleasant for Barbs. She didn't like that feeling, at all. The feeling of loneliness.

After Miss M's tour of the cave, the two girls went to the lounge. Wally was in the kitchen and had his face stuck in the fridge, like always; Zatanna was talking to Rocket on the couch; Artemis was in the library by herself, enjoying her alone time with a good book; and Robin, Aqualad and Superboy were in the workout room, having some manly time, or something like that. Seeing Zatanna looking so happy, Barbara felt the need to slap that little smirk off her face. But soon those thoughts were interrupted by Zee.
"Hey, Barbs, Meg. Come sit with us. We were just talking about you."
Barbara felt a little restless and anxious and her dark thoughts faded as she saw the kind way Zee was looking at her. Her heart subdued the anger and she smiled back at the magician, her smile honest and warm as it can be. Megan and Babs went to them. Babs sat between Zee and Rocket, and Megan sat next to Zee. They wanted to know more about her, being their new teammate and all, the girls felt the need to know her better and to make her feel comfortable and in place.

Seeing how friendly and courteous the girls were, Barbara quickly forgot about Robin and Zatanna being together and knew she would adapt fast in the team and she would fit perfectly with the others, in time. That was the last time Barbara felt irritated by Zatanna!

After some weeks spent with her new teammates, Barb got used to their personalities and habits, and most importantly, she got used to seeing Zatanna and Dick together. Barbara swore to never get jealous again, because seeing them together made her feel warm inside. She didn't feel angry or sad anymore, when she saw them kissing or holding hands, she just smiled and went along with it, because Barb was happy that her best friend had found someone who loves him the way he deserves to be loved. Heck, Barb thought Zee was doing a far more better job at taking care of Dick, than she could ever do. She knew that he was in good hands now, and she swore that if Zatanna ever breaks his heart or does something to hurt him, she would have to answer to Barbara.
Finally, a little Chalant :D
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