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That's The Last Time…
Chapter 5 – Just Us

5 years later…

Zatanna and Richard maintained their relationship through all these years. They loved each other very much. It's true that they had their ups and downs, but what relationship doesn't? The important thing is that they managed to stay together through good and bad times, not loosing faith in each other.

A lot of things changed. Robin became Nightwing, leader of The Team, joining the Justice League along with Zatanna.

They cherished every moment they spent with each other, like it was their last. Since they joined the JLA, they rarely saw each other, because of the many missions they had.

At the JLA Watchtower:

Nightwing had just finished talking to Robin through the computer, and to his surprise, when he turned around to head to the Zeta-Tube, he saw a sexy Zatanna standing right in front of him, smiling with a small grin.
Dick shouted, as Zatanna threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a playful kiss on the lips. He returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.
After their passionate kiss, Dick took her hands in his and kissed them.
"Long time no see, bird boy. How long has it been since our last time together? The last we had some privacy, I mean."
"I would have to say…two weeks."
"I happen to have some free time. I'm taking the weekend off. How about you do the same, so that me and you could spend it together?"
"Well, I suppose I need a break. Batman will take care of things."
Zatanna pulled her right hand free from his and placed it gently on the back of his neck, pulling his head closer to hers, so that she could whisper in his ear.
"Tonight…nine o'clock…your apartment."
Dick grinned widely, showing his shiny white teeth, as he watched Zatanna's cute little butt, as she swayed her perfect figure alluringly towards the Zeta-Tube. Before going in she turned her head toward Nightwing, and winked as she lifted her shoulder a little bit for full cuteness, smiling a little bit. Then, she disappeared.

Dick couldn't wait till tonight.

Zatanna was no virgin. Her first time was with Dick, when she was 17 years old. But every time they did it felt like the first. They put so much emotion and love into it, like it would be their last time together.
Richard lived alone in a luxurious apartment in Gotham. Since he was working in Bruce's company, Dick had enough money to move out of the Bat's home and afford to live on his own.

It was almost time for Zatanna to arrive at Dick's home and he was preparing everything for her arrival. His apartment was huge. He had a bathroom with a mirror covering one of the walls in front of the Jacuzzi, and the sink was near the toilet, which was on the other side of the Jacuzzi. The living room had the latest furnishing with a wide screen TV and a big window for a wall. There was a stereo near the TV and behind the couch, just near the door to the bedroom was a bookshelf with Dick's favourite books. The kitchen had a round glass table with four chairs, a medium sized white fridge and a white kitchen raft. The bedroom had a king sized bed, a TV and a large wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. There was also a small bathroom.

It was already 21:15 and Dick was sitting impatiently in the living room. He had been sitting on the coach with his feet on the small glass table, staring blankly at one spot with the TV turned off. After some more minutes the doorbell rang and Dick jumped off his seat and ran to the door. He quickly opened it and saw a beautiful Zatanna. He stared her up and down, a grin beginning to appear on his face. Zee was wearing a short v-neck black dress with no sleeves, a black coat with long sleeves and stiletto heels.
"You're late!"
Said Dick, still grinning, propped on the door with his hands crossed.
"I had something to do and I completely forgot about the time."
"And how do you consider making it up to me?"
Asked Dick with a devilish smile.
"I've got something in mind, but you'll have to let me in to find out what it is."
Said Zee, putting her hands gently on his shoulders and stepping forward for a kiss. And just as their lips were about to meet, Dick grabbed her waist forcefully and pulled her into his apartment. As they were making out passionately, they were taking each other's clothes off. They went through the living room, where Dick threw Zee's coat and shoes on the coach and his shirt and socks. They reached the bedroom and Dick pushed her on his bed and started to take off his trousers, while Zee took off her dress. She left her undergarment on because she knew he loved to take it off her. Dick quickly got on top of her and started kissing her neck. As he was doing that his hands went for her bra. He threw it somewhere on the floor and continued his kisses on her breasts and gently slipped off her panties, his tongue going lower to her stomach and then her clitoris. Her moans were getting louder and her breathing heavier. She grabbed his hair and as he shoved his tongue inside her she threw her head back and grabbed the sheets with her right hand, while her left one was pushing Dick's head, wanting him to go deeper.
After a minute of pleasuring Zee, Dick stopped and looked at her. Her gorgeous blue eyes told him everything he wanted to know. He kissed her again, his hands caressing her breasts as he penetrated her. She squealed underneath him because of the rough way he did it. He felt her tighten around him as he went in deeper, and as he reached her end he stopped for a moment for both of them to take a breath and to see if she's ready. Zatanna smiled at Dick and with that he knew she was ready for him. He deepened their kiss and continued caressing her body. His thrusts became faster and her moans louder and after some seconds their bodies swayed in a perfect rhythm.
They were both coming to an end and as they released themselves, Dick collapsed onto Zee and she fondled his head and held him close to her.
"Boy Wonder, indeed!"
Said Zee, smiling with her eyes closed.
He hugged her waist with his strong arms and both of them just lay there, panting. Some minutes later Dick got off of Zee and placed himself next to her taking the sheets and covering their numb naked bodies. Zatanna was already asleep and Dick kissed her on the forehead, tucking himself next to her warm body.

The next morning Dick woke up, and when he turned around to face Zatanna he noticed that she was not in bed. He jumped up and went to the kitchen, and to his pleasant surprise he saw her preparing breakfast, while wearing his shirt. He sat at the table, while Zee placed his food in front of him, and then she took her plate and seated herself next to him.
After breakfast they got dressed and went out for a walk. They had so much to talk about. So many things to say to each other, and even if they had the whole weekend for themselves, they still didn't have enough time to spend with each other.

It was a long and tiring day for the young couple and when they got back to Richard's apartment they decided to take a bath together.

While Dick was preparing the Jacuzzi, Zee was getting undressed. She went into the bathroom and saw a smiling Richard already sitting in the Jacuzzi. She went to him and seductively and slowly placed herself on top of him. They started again. This time she was more relaxed and as she held his shoulders she went up and down on him. He grabbed her by the waist for more support and the thrusting continued, and with that they ended their perfect day.
Sorry it took so long! Hope you enjoy :)
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