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My name is Uchiha Masuyo, and this is my story…

My mother is Sakura, and my father is Sasuke.

I was born in the village hidden in the leaves – Konoha.

I had a bigger sister, whose name was Sayuri Uchiha. She was 5 years older then me. She had long pink hair and green eyes. The perfect copy of our mother. Unlike me. I looked more like my dad – short black hair and black eyes. Although I was a girl I was given a boy’s name. Maybe it was because of my personality, or because everybody was expecting the second child to be a boy. What a shame, really!

Sayuri was strong, beautiful and frightfully talented. I have always envied her and tried to surpass her in any way that I could. Yes, I am talking in past tense because she was killed while saving me.

Mom and dad were broken when they found out she had died. It was then when they decided to get revenge. That was a horrible mistake. I always thought it was my fault she died, even though everybody told me it wasn’t. I wasn’t as strong and talented as Sayuri, and I always stayed in the shadows. I couldn’t even help her when she needed it the most. I suffered more then everyone over her loss, because I saw her death.

I was 15 when my parents went after my sister’s killers. They told me to stay home, but I didn’t listen and followed them anyway, which was also a mistake.

I watched as they fought – worthily, side by side. But it wasn’t enough.

May 20th, 2006
That was the day I lost my parents. They were the only people from my family who were still alive. I couldn’t believe what happened. I turned around and ran straight home, never looking back. I was burning with anger and sorrow. That was when I decided to start my own revenge. Those monsters took everything precious to me. I had no other choice but to go after them and finish what my parents started.

On March 12, 2010 I had finished my training, and I was finally ready for the biggest battle of my life. It had been 7 months since I turned 19. I was completely confident, but I could feel there was something missing, I couldn’t figure out what it was, and I didn’t pay any attention to it.

The battle started. I put every last breath I had in this battle. I was full of wrath and hatred, determined to win…and I did, but with a price.

As I was lying helplessly on the cold, covered with blood and bodies, ground, memories of my family ran through my mind.

Then I realized what was missing – love! Because of it I had gone mad with hatred and rancor. I was completely focused on revenge. That was wrong.

But it was too late then. I know I had achieved my vengeance, but that didn’t make me happy. Suddenly, it got cold, my eyelids were getting heavier, I closed my eyes for one last time and I fell into an eternal slumber, filled with darkness.

I woke up surrounded by my loved ones. At least now I am with my beloved family and I can be at peace at last.

March 12, 2010 – Rest in peace, Masuyo!
I was hidden as I watched them die an honorable death.
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