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Wally & Artemis - Love Story
(Artemis' P.O.V.)

15 years...;That's how old I was when I first met Wally West….the love of my life! Well, of course, back then I had no idea how much I loved him. Let me start from the beginning...

From the moment we met we started quarreling. I was the first one to make a move on him, when he fell on his face in Mount Justice. It was kind of cute though.

I admit it was very amusing for me to make fun of him, and even more pleasant when he did something to himself trying to trick me or being cocky in front of Megan (yeah... I was a bit jealous of her sometimes).

Every one of his little face expressions;

The way he reacted in certain situations;

His warm unexpected smiles, which always surprised me;

The unconstrained way we touched each other from time to time;

His demureness during missions;

His anxious looks;

His irritating little jokes;

And most of all, his gaze…mmm yes…that look always made me melt. I craved for his charming smile and his emerald eyes.

Yes, he was something different!

As time passed we started having feelings for each other. We started off with small talk. Continued with long stares. Light touching. Hugs. And at the end he was tired of waiting, and made the first move – after we had saved the Justice League, at their space headquarters, the computer announced the arrival of the new year, Wally picked me up and said "I should have done this a long time ago!", "No kidding!", I replied and he kissed me. It was amazing!

A long time passed, but we stayed together.

In good…
And in bad moments
We always supported each other vigorously
We had each other's backs
We were inseparable

After we finished high school we decided we're done with heroism. We went to the same college together, found ourselves an apartment near the college and lived there until we graduated.

I married Wally when I was 25 years old and we moved to a new home. A very nice house, much bigger than the old place.

When I was 26 I got pregnant with our first child – Athena West. She is 23 years old now. She has been an official member of the Justice League from six years. I gave her my weapons.

After I gave birth to Athena I got pregnant again. This time it was a boy – Apollo West (21 years old). He is also a member of the JLA and a coach to the Young Justice Team. He lives with his girlfriend in our old apartment. He uses a bow and arrow, too, made by himself.

Our last child was Wendy West – 16 years old; member of the Young Justice Team. She joined the team when she was 13, and she can't wait to join the JLA with her brother and sister. Her power – super speed, just like her dad.

I can't believe how much time has past. It seems like just yesterday me and Wally were bickering like little kids. But even after all these years, after all the things we've been through, me and Wally are still together, being stronger than ever, blessed with three wonderful children and our infinite love for each other.

I am so grateful that I met him and I regret nothing!

Thank you, for giving purpose to my life, Wally!

I love you, baywatch!!!
I hope you enjoyed it! :) ;)
Artkill36 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
you should do a whole love triangle thingy with Dick, Babs, and Zee
pinky18 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
that's actually a pretty good idea, but who do you want Dick to be with in the end, it's your choice ?
Artkill36 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I always liked Zatanna more than Babs, so I say Zee
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