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ZuTara - I Never Thought I'd Love You!
Chapter 11 – Escape

Zuko was standing outside Katara's room, leaning against the door. He was thinking of the kiss. He was supposed to go in and explain, but what was he going to say? Everything he said to Katara was true! He couldn't just go in and tell her it was all a joke. It was clear that the prince had to go in and explain his feelings better and not do anything irrational.
-Katara,we have to talk! – Zuko entered the room, he closed the door behind him and stood there watching her with a very serious look on his face.
-Look…about what happened this morning…you don't have to say anything.
-No, I need to know what you feel towards me! Did you feel something when I kissed you? If you tell me now, no matter if you're going to reject me or not, I'll let you go and leave you and Aang alone. I just want to know once and for all, and just get it over with.
-When we first met I really, really hated you, because you hurt my family and my friends, you made me cry and chased us over and over again. I was so full of anger, but when we started talking I realized that you weren't a bad person and you can change because you were doing all of this for somebody else. That's when I swore I wouldn't give up on you and make you realize what a good person you are. That's why I always tried to talk you out of your bad hobby, because I believe in you. Later on, I started having feelings for you, but I wasn't quite sure what I felt. But after today's kiss I know what I feel! I'm in love with you, Zuko! – Katara went to him, grabbed his collar and pulled him to her lips. She kissed him gently and quickly let go to see what his reaction would be.
-I love you, too! – he smiled and hugged her tightly- You're free to go now. I bet your friends are worried sick.
-But, I don't want to leave you!
-Me neither, but it's best if you just walked away. I'm a bad person, Katara, and trouble follows me everywhere. I don't want you to get hurt!
-I want to take my chances! You can join me and the others. Please, just don't leave me.
-Are you sure? I don't think they can accept me, not after all I've done.
-I'm sure you'll be able to fit in and make up for all of the things that you have done.
-OK then, I'll come with you.

The two of them left the hideout and headed towards Team Avatar's house.

Meanwhile, Sokka, Toph and Aang had just returned from their search, during which they faced master Yu and Xin Fu, who tried to bring Toph home.
-I can't believe it, my baby sister is gone … FOREVER! – tears fell from Sokka's eyes as he lay on the couch.
-Sokka, don't cry, we'll search again tmorrow, we'll even make posters. – Toph tried to comfort him, but no effect.

And just as she said that the door burst open and everyone jumped up to see Katara and Zuko, holding hands. Sokka, Toph and Aang were looking at them with their mouths open. They were in shock and didn't know what to do.
-I think I'm hallucinating. Do you two see what I see?
-I'm afraid you're not the only one! – said Aang.
Katara rushed to Sokka and hugged him.
-I'm so glad to see you again guys!
-What the hell is "he" doing here? – Aang asked and prepared for battle.
-Wait, Aang, he's with me. I brought him here because he wants to join our team.
Everyone laughed.
-Is this some kind of a joke? – asked Sokka – You never were good with jokes sis, but this time you outdid yourself!
-This is NOT a joke, Sokka! I'm serious. And…I have something I wanted to tell you…
-What is it?
-We…Me and Zuko are….kind of….together.
-Yeah, we can see that he came in with you!
-No, no…. I mean that we are a couple now.
-WHAAAAAT??? – everyone shouted furiously.
-Are you kidding me?
-No, Sokka, it's true and I want him to join the team. He is going to help us.
-How can we trust him after all he has done? – shouted Aang.
-You don't have to trust him, Aang. Just trust me! Please! He has changed. Just give him a chance.
After a lot of thinking, talking and arguing they decided to let him stay.

The team had already wasted too much time in Ba Sing Se and had to go. The next morning they got up early and head off to the Fire Nation to find a firebending teacher for Aang. But before they left Zuko went to say goodbye to his uncle. Iroh was extremely happy with his nephew's decision and blessed their journey.

Zuko was nervous about going to the Fire Nation. But he wasn't afraid anymore, because he had a new goal – Katara. He just wanted to make her happy. And if facing his father was going to make her happy, he was going to do it, no matter the consequences.
I made this one longer. I know everything is going fast, but I just don't want to stretch it that much. Hope you enjoy! :)
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