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ZuTara - I Never Thought I'd Love You!
Chapter 12 – Final Battle:

After training for several weeks with master Piandao, in the Fire Nation, Aang was finally ready for the battle with Ozai. Aang had mastered all of the elements and was ready.

The team headed towards Ozai's palace. When they reached the gates a group of soldiers attacked. They were about 30, which showed that Ozai had been expecting them. Sokka found the situation perfect to practice some of his new skills with his new sword. Aang wasn't the only one who had been studying firebending with master Piandao, Zuko learned along with Aang all of the bending techniques. Toph and Katara hadn't been wasting their time either – they had been training together every single day for the past 3 weeks. Katara even learned bloodbending and Toph made a new type of bending called metalbending.

When they beat the guards and entered the palace more soldiers were waiting for them. This time they were more and as they continued further into the palace the number of the soldiers increased. Zuko was leading them because he knew the place very well.

-How many did you get Aang? – asked Sokka grinning like hell.
-About 60 and growing! What about you? – Sokka's chin fell to the floor.
-Well…. I got… more than 30….it's not fair you know, you are an airbender you can wipe out 10 at once, I'm using only my sword and my awesome skills.
-Whatever you say!
-That's nothing – said Katara – Zuko got more than you two combined!
-You're only saying that because he's your boyfriend. – Sokka looked at her unbelieving.
-I am NOT….!!! – shouted Katara in his face.
-Don't get cocky boys, I got more than a 100 – interrupted Toph – I've been wiping 20 at a time since we entered.
-No way….
-Yeah, I just put up a wall of ground before them as they're running and BAM – they hit the wall like it's made of glass and they didn't see it!
-W-whatever…. I want to see how tough you are when we face Ozai! – said Sokka with a little smile on his face.
-Oh, you'll see...heh…
-No, Ozai is mine! – everyone turned to face Zuko.
-But, you can't do it alone! There's no way I'll let …
-Don't worry, Katara! I'll be fine. I just want to get my revenge and end this ridiculous war.
-Zuko…Katara's right, you'll need help. That's why I'm going in with you and you three will stay here and stop anyone from coming in to distract us. – said Aang in a very calm and serious tone.
-It will be ok, Katara. I promise. Somebody has to take care of little Aang here. – Zuko laughed and comforted Katara.
-Good luck. – she kissed him and then turned back to fight the group of soldiers who were coming their way.

As Zuko and Aang entered the main room they closed the door behind them and saw Ozai sitting on his throne.

-I had been expecting you, Avatar. But I could not say the same for you – Zuko! You should know that I don't like waiting.
-Yeah, well sorry, but it would have been faster if you hadn't set up this welcoming committee.
-I like to take care of my guests properly. Anyway, now that you are here let's get down to business shall we?!

Ozai attacked first. The battle was long at the end everyone was getting tired. But nobody gave up and Aang decided to use his knew technique – energybending! It was very risky but it was the only option they had left. Aang removed Ozai's firebending skills and both of them fell to the floor.
Zuko rushed to Aang and picked him up. He went outside, where Katara, Toph and Sokka had already finished their battle, and gave Aang to Sokka.

-Take him to my uncle. You'll find him outside the Fire Nation's gates. Take Appa and hurry.
-What about you? – asked Katara.
-I'll take care of Ozai. Now GO!

Katara gave him a hug and they left. Zuko went back to his father.

-I should kill you, after all you've done to everyone! But you're lucky, now that I'm a different person. I made a promise to Katara that I wouldn't kill you, so I'll do something worse – I'll throw you in the dungeons deep down under the palace where you'll never see the sunlight again and you're going to rot there alone until your death. You're going to suffer as much as I did all those years. You asked for it. You deserve nothing better than this, father!

Zuko picked him up and took him to the dungeons, put chains on his feet, hands and neck, which could be unlocked only by 5 keys – one given to each member of team Avatar. Then Zuko locked the door of the cell with 5 different locks (who could be opened only by Zuko's firebending, Aang's airbending, Katara's waterbending, Tophs earthbending and Sokka's sword all togrther). The same was done for Azula after she was captured 4 days later.

Zuko became fire lord and ended the war. Two years after the end of the war he married Katara. They were very happy together. Aang and Toph became very close, after Katara went to the Fire Nation and Sokka and Sukki went back to the South Pole, and Aang went back to the Earth Kingdom with Toph.

A year after Zuko and Katara's marriage:

It was 23:30 and Lord Zuko was busy working in his room. Katara came in with some tea and sat near her husband.

-It's late, you should go to bed. You have an early meeting tomorrow.
-I just have a few more things to check and I'm good to go.

Katara smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek. She went to the bed and started undressing. She put on a lovely night-gown, went back to her working husband and leaned down to kiss him. Then she whispered in his ear:
-I have a special surprise for your birthday my Lord and I hope you have finished your work.

Zuko turned around to face his wife's gorgeous body swaying towards the bed.

-Well, I think I'm done for today.

Then he stood up and went to Katara. He kissed her while his hands explored every curve of her body and as they reached her legs he lifted her night gown and threw it on the floor. Katara lay on the bed and Zuko undressed himself. After that he joined her. Zuko started kissing her lips, chin, neck and continued to go down. Katara was shivered with excitement by every kiss. This was both their first time and she was surprised by what he can do with his tongue. Zuko was ready to enter and he looked at Katara – she shook her head in approval. There was a lot of tension. He slowly made his way in as Katara pulled his hair. He kissed her as he went deeper, gently, trying hard not to hurt her. Katara groaned with every thrust, her fingers digging into his skin and demanding more. She never wanted it to end.

-F-faster…! - she said quietly, almost breathless.

Zuko was surprised, but then a giant grin appeared on his face as he obeyed. He grabbed her breast and began sucking and playing with it. Katara was in heaven. The pleasure he gave her was indescribable! She could feel it coming.

-I-i'm going t-to ….
-Me, too…

As they said that she could feel him filling her up and they both screamed in pleasure and relief. He fell on top of her and she hugged him.

They lay there, panting and breathing heavily, Zuko still inside of her. After they had caught their breath the two lovers snuggled under the sheets and spend the night in each others arms.

A month later:

Zuko had just finished a meeting and was looking at some things in the meeting room. Katara came in:

-Zuko, I have to talk to you!
-What is it my love?
-I'm … I'm pregnant!
-I'm pregnant.
-This is….This is wonderful news! I can't believe this! This is the happiest day of my life! Oh Katara… I love you!
-Heh…I love you, too!

Zuko grabbed Katara's hand and ran to the balcony, shouting:


Katara laughed. He kissed her and said:

-I can't wait to tell everyone!
-OK, then go…!
-I love you…I love you…

8 months later:

-How is she, Sukki?
-Well, she's feeling a bit tired but she's fine.
-And the baby?
-He's doing well.

Zuko went in the bedroom:

-Katara, are you alright?
-Never been better. This is your son. – she gave him the baby.
-He's perfect, and has your eyes.

Katara giggled. Zuko sat on the bed next to her and kissed her forehead.

-What are we going to name him?
-How about…Kibishi. It means tough.
-It's perfect, Katara. I love you!
-I love you, too.
-Thank you for this blessing.
-I hope you don't want any more blessings, because this one was hard to get out.

They both laughed and sat there for a few more minutes looking at their new born son. One perfect moment in a family's life.
Well, that is the final one! I hope you enjoyed my work! :) Sorry about the delay!
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