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ZuTara - I Never Thought I'd Love You!
Chapter 7 – Earth:

After a week at the North Pole, team Avatar headed towards the Earth Kingdom. Aang had already mastered air and water. Katara had also managed to learn Waterbending and now she was able to control her powers.

They traveled 6 days to the Earth Kingdom and met a lot of people, had a lot of trouble and managed to save a few lives and practice their bending skills, except for Sokka, of course. He only managed to practice his fighting skills with the help of his boomerang and his sword. Not a total waste of time.

-Are we there yet?
-No, Sokka, we're not! You've asked me about 16 times in last 10 minutes! We're not going to get there in the next 4 hours, so shut up!
-Well sorry for worrying, sis!
-You're annoying.

After 4 hours they reached their destination. They went straight to the earth king. He greeted them.

-I am very pleased that the Avatar has come to the Earth Kingdom. May I ask what you are seeking here?
-Well, I came here to learn Earthbending. Is it possible that you tell me about a master I can learn from?
-But of course, let me introduce you to master Yu. He is the best Earthbending master in my kingdom. He teaches my daughter – Toph.
-Nice to meet you master Yu.
-I am honored to meet the Avatar.
-Oh, and here comes my lovely daughter. "Look" Toph, the Avatar has come to visit us.
-Nice joke, dad.
-Oh, I am so sorry, Toph. It will never happen again! Avatar Aang, as you can see, my daughter is blind, so I would like to ask you to be more … discreet with your words.
-Oh, no problem. Hi, my name's Aang. And these are my friends – Katara and Sokka.
-Yeah, yeah, whatever. Dad, I'm going outside.
-Oh, heavens no, not alone, take the guards with you.
-I can go with her if you're ok with it.
-Well, I suppose you are in good hands with the Avatar, so you can go.
-Oh, joy…

They went outside.
-So, what do you want to do now, Toph?
-I want to get out of this stupid palace.
-Why, you have everything here?
-You don't understand. I am never allowed to go out of the palace, I am never allowed to go outside – in the gardens – alone, there must be at least two guards with me, and I am never allowed to communicate with other people besides my family and my master. Can I tell you something?
-What is it?
-I love fighting. I love being an Earthbender. And I'm really, really good at it. I keep a secret life from my parents, but they keep me secret from the whole world. They are doing it to protect me, but I'm 12 years old and I've never had a real friend. Please, don't tell anyone.
-Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.
-Thank you!
-So, what's that secret life you told me about?

Toph explained everything to Aang and showed him her Earthbending. He was amazed by what she could do and asked her if she wanted to join their team and travel the world. She agreed and told him that her parents would never let her go with him. He went to talk with them but they refused and said that he was a bad influence to their daughter and he and his friends must leave. Toph had a plan.

Aang, Katara and Sokka were just about to leave when Toph suddenly appeared and told them that she escaped.
-Why did you escape. You shouldn't have done that, now everyone will think we've kidnapped you!
-Please, Aang. Don't make me go back. I want to travel the world, I'll help you guys with everything I can, I'd even teach you to Earthbend!
-Really, you would do that?
-Of course I would! You've seen me in action and you know what I can do!
-Great, come on then. We don't have all night.
-Where are we going now, Aang? – asked Katara.
-To Ba Sing Se! We must go there so that Toph can teach me to Earthbend without anyone bothering us, and you guys can stay at the city while we train so that you don't have to wait with us. You can do whatever you want there.

They flew off.

Lao Bei Fong (Toph's father) had to do something about his daughter's disappearance:
-The Avatar has kidnapped my precious daughter. I want you two to do whatever it takes to bring her home safe, no matter the consequences! I am willing to repay you greatly! So, are you going to accept my offer – master Yu, Xin Fu?
-Yes, we are.

Meanwhile, Zuko was asking about the Avatar:
-Tell me where the Avatar is!
-H-He went to Ba Sing Se with t-the Earth King's daughter.
-Damn it! I've missed them again! Aargh….
-Don't worry, prince Zuko. We'll get them at Ba Sing Se. I know a short cut.
I hope this one is more interesting then the previous! :)
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