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ZuTara - I Never Thought I'd Love You!
Chapter 9 – Unnoticed:

After Aang and Toph had finished with their training they went back to the house just to see a worried Sokka.
-Hey Sokka! What's wrong? – asked Aang curiously.
-It's been 5 hours since we parted and Katara's not here, yet.
-Don't worry! She might still be looking around. Ba Sing Se is a huge city.
-Yeah, or maybe she went somewhere to have dinner. – Toph added.
-But, she said that she'd be here by 18:00 to make dinner and now it's 19:30. She can't be eating out.
-Maybe she … forgot? – anxiety could be sensed in Aang's voice.
-She NEVER forgets! Never!!!
-I'm sure she's fine. – said Toph calmly, laying back on one of the cushions.
-I think we must go and look for her! – Sokka rushed to the door, but before he went out, he stopped and looked at the worried airbender – Aang … you coming?
-Wait, Sokka! It's late and dark outside. So for now, all we can do is wait for her to show up. – shouted Toph blocking the door with a piece of ground.
-What if … What if she doesn't come back? What if something happened to her?
-She'll be OK! She knows waterbending. We'll look for her in the morning! Now let's eat, I'm starving!
They had no other choice but to wait.

Zuko was in his room, thinking about what he was going to do with his prisoner. He had to know where the Avatar was hiding, and he knew he had to force her to talk or she would never tell him anything. There was no other way.

It was 23:15. Zuko went to Katara's room and unlocked it. After he went in he saw that she was asleep. He slowly closed the door behind him, trying hard not to wake her up. He went to her bed.

As Zuko was standing next to the bed, he looked at Katara. She was so beautiful. He reached out and touched her right cheek, fondling it with his fingers. Then he took a strand of her hair and started playing with it. He thought about what he had to do to her to get the information he needed. All kinds of thoughts running through his mind. "No!" He said, shaking his head. "I can't do this to her." Suddenly Katara started moving and he quickly stood up and rushed out the door, shutting and locking it. Zuko went back to his room. "What was I thinking!? I'm not that kind of person! … Or…am I…?! No…!" He cast himself on the bed and covered his eyes with his hand. "I'll deal with her tomorrow." – he covered himself with his sheets and after some minutes the young prince fell asleep.

Katara had awaken after the loud noise Zuko made. Shivers ran down her face. She put her hand on it and remembered that she dreamed about someone touching her face and playing with her hair. She could still feel his warm touch. "Was it real? Could it be that Zuko came and …No…! What am I thinking, he would never do such a thing!" – a part of her really longed for him and she knew she wanted it to be true. Katara lay down and fell asleep again, thinking about her charming prince.
The Picture shows Katara after waking up and thinking about Zuko (her lovely prince). :D
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